Our Cashmere

100% Premier Cashmere

Our Cashmere is certified by the Sustainable Fiber Alliance and the Responsible Wool Standard, ensuring we provide our customers with the purest cashmere on the planet, as it’s one of the most precious resources man kind gets to wear. Solgo Atelier uses only the very best premium natural fibers of Cashmere. The luxury, beauty and amazing warmth of Cashmere is immediately recognizable because of its unique qualities of lustre, lightness, durability and softness, creating a very superior and elegant feel and look.

We only use 100% premier cashmere. The Eco undyed premier cashmere is in its truest form of natural purity and softness at touch. With Eco cashmere the colors are found naturally on the coat of a cashmere goat, it is chemical free and uses less water during processing whilst being fully biodegradable. The cashmere we choose are traceable, from farming to final product; there is a strict monitor and testing system for every step of cashmere development. Our team is in close partnership with our providers whilst embracing innovation to produce amazing colors, effects and weights in all our pieces.