Our Ethics and Commitments

Our Mission is to provide our customers the option for work-life balance through our limited run of clothing collections. Our focus is on using high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to design timeless fashion-forward styles. Working directly with our partners around the world ensures us the utmost reasonable prices. With our mission in mind, we work hard to ethically source our factories and materials to be sustainable. To ensure premium quality, many fine details are finished by hand. Therefore, we only produce a very small, limited amount of each style. To us, every single garment we make is personal.

Our materials are carefully and personally sourced by our Creative Director who often embarks into the market both domestically and internationally. Every style is designed with comfort and quality of material in mind, so how the material feels to you is crucial to us. This is why we use a great deal of 100% silk and Mulberry silk for our garments as well as linings. Our goal is for our garments to look great on you, and that you feel fabulous wearing them. For the most part, at Solgo Atelier, we use natural and recycled materials. Our garments are detailed with a unique finish, and on a closer look, you will find the charm of our detail in every aspect. Many of our buttons are made of 100% natural seashells. Unique finishes such as French seams, unexpected trims, and touches of extra details can be found throughout our collections.

We love our work and we want to be able to bring forth the best for our customers. Solgo Atelier is committed to producing high quality fashions while being ethically and environmentally responsible. We hope as a brand we will be a part of your lovely wardrobe.